This weekend I saw the most giant frogs I have ever seen. Their heads were a bright jewel green, but their legs looked like bark. Their legs were actually terrifying because they were so large. 

I've been thinking a lot about Miley Cyrus. The only legitimate critique I've read is the one that rightly pins the performance as flat-out minstrelsy -- unfortunately, that's really only being discussed in the smaller internet circles that I'm privy to because of the blogs I read and the college I attended. But when it comes to the mainstream critiques, it's all just so horrifyingly short-sighted, and I'm genuinely wondering what it is about this particular iteration of pop-star-gyrating-on-live-TV that managed to stir up so much ire? Was it because it was a WEIRD sexiness? Not sure. Still parsing. 

I also finally managed to get my hair to turn platinum blonde by using an obscene amount of harsh chemicals! My last hurrah before the work week starts up again is going to be creating a short film; specifically, an ode to my apartment.